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Meet the Boykin Spaniels of Boykin Spaniel Outfitters

As Boykin Spaniel owners ourselves, we share a passion for this breed which, if you know, you like no other.  We thought we'd introduce you to the Boykins at the heart of Boykin Spaniel Outfitters.

Jack is a 2 1/2 year old male who happily lives in northeast Georgia on a 44-acre cattle farm with his human parents and two human sisters, ages 11 and 8.  Jack is expecting two Boykin girl puppies to join his pack in December.  Jack enjoys flushing birds from the hay field, retrieving, swimming, going for rides - ANY RIDES, playing with rocks (yeah, it's a little embarrassing), hiking, camping, and doing anything with his people.  Jack belongs to Boykin Spaniel Outfitters partner Kelly.

Jack the Boykin Spaniel


Ruby is a 7-year-old female who lives in the foothills of SC on Diamond T Farm.  She has one human brother and one human sister.  She enjoys hiking in the mountains and chasing waterfalls.  One of her favorite activities is swimming in the river.  Most days you will find her at our sister company, Diamond T with her human Dad.  She is very attached to her family and likes to be with them as much as possible.  Ruby belongs to Boykin Spaniel Outfitters partner Derek.



Roxy joined our family in 2012  and our lives were forever changed by the love of the Boykin breed. Roxy blessed us and many other families with 4 healthy litters. Our second Boykin, Remy, came from her 3rd litter. Remy is now blessing many families with her pups. Reece, is our baby at 1 year old. They love roaming the farm, going to work with their human dad, dove and duck hunting , playing and snuggling with their 3 human sisters, swimming in the pool (we struggle keeping them out in the summer), and being with us wherever we go. Roxy, Remy and Reece belong to Boykin Spaniel Outfitters partner Tyler.


With the exception of our homepage hero image (which is Story, who belongs to Dawn Crites from the Boykin Spaniel Society, photo taken by Shannon Wooten), all the Boykin photos on the Boykin Spaniel Outfitters website are of our family of Boykins.  So from Jack, Ruby, Roxy, Remy, Reece, and Boykin Spaniels everywhere, thank you for supporting Boykin Spaniel Outfitters in our quest to fund and promote the Boykin Spaniel Society and its mission.  Love live the original little brown dog!

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